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Real Work At Home Opportunity

“Inspiring a Nation…”


“A Spider that inspired history?” Yes, the value of persistence involving Robert de Bruce and a very determined Spider. A legendary tale that inspired a nation

Robert de Bruce was defending an invasion by the English. Battle after battle he fought with England. Seven times Robert de Bruce and his army batted. Seven times they were beaten, and eventually forced to retreat. As they scattered the King hid in a cave.

Laying on his back recovering from the tiresome battles, he noticed a spider over his head, getting ready to weave its web. At first he watched mindlessly as it worked slowly to stitch each strand of its web. Seven times it attempted to thread from one edge of the cave wall to the other. Seven times the tiny spider failed.

On its eighth attempt it succeeded

Inspired by what he witnessed in persistence that day, Robert de Bruce gathered the remaining soldiers and recounted the story of the tiny spider. The renewed courage of Robert de Bruce when witnessing the relentless persistence by the tiny spider, reinvigorated and motivated them into one last battle where they won a famous victory.

So legend has it…

Persistence will always be rewarded… eventually!

Onward & Upward Today… United States

$1,000,000 Online Asset Sale…

female-poses_06A great investment opportunity for the right person or company.  Nearly 20 years of experience and a portfolio of premium domain names and websites are being auctioned off to the highest bidder…

It is sure to generate much interest with names that do not come up for sale often.  A collection of over 400+ assets, that are earning some income, but can catapult an interested person into the online business world in one step.  The owner is offering 6 months of full time assistance, guidance and training from their staff.

Opportunities like this are rare.  Take a look at the whole listing at Flippa.  The link is here.  My favorite names in the list are Sell.Org, and  These alone are worth well over $200,000.

One of the difficulties in accumulating a premium portfolio is the investment of hundreds if not thousands of hours of unpaid work that goes into finding, buying and setting up each generic domain name.  It is one of the biggest benefits of buying a ready made portfolio of premium, brandable and income producing domain names.

Take a look if you are interested, or pass along to your friends.  Once it sells, you are unlikely to ever see a portfolio such as this for sale at a low price again.

Walk – “Hey Let’s Go For a Walk” – iPhone 5s M7 Technology

female-poses-2_13A is for Apps – the hottest topic going…  It wasn’t long ago when phones were attached to the wall and parents were constantly yelling down the hallway “Get off the [insert relevant expletive]  phone, I need to make a call…!”   How times have changed.  The first mobile phone given to me for work purposes was longer than our then new born son… seriously!!  In a short 20 years, we no longer have a house phone at all, and the “smart” phone in our respective pockets has more processing power than my first computer.   Apps or Applications for mobile devices are an incredibly hot topic and growing in popularity every hour…  First there were games to keep us amused and entertained for hours on end…

With the arrival of iPads, iPhones, Android devices and more, we find the usefulness of “apps” has increased dramatically.  As an experiment, we purchased a walking app called “Walk – Hey Let’s Go For a Walk.”  It uses the M7 processing technology in the iPhone 5s.  Simple, elegant and designed to do one thing well – count how many steps you take in a day.  If you have read the story about losing 100 pounds, you might begin to understand why this app appealed to us.  Walking as an exercise is one of the most popular activities in the world.  There are no borders where walking is concerned.  You can walk anywhere, anytime at any speed (subject to logical restrictions of course).  The point is that we Walk alot as a human race.

We were walking from the earliest of times and it is still the primary form of short distance transport… That is, for most people, we have to walk somewhere at some time.  The Walk app appealed to me because it only does one thing… counts the steps.  We can only improve what we measure.  For me, counting steps during the day became a way of setting goals and understanding good exercise days from “ordinary” exercise days.  By understanding my normal routine, I was able to improve and continue setting goals that helped with my health and well being.   If you are interested and have an iPhone 5s with an M7 processor, feel free to check out the app here.  It is currently free…  “Eat Less & Move More…” is my motto…



Are Baby Boomers to old to learn tricks online? Read more…


UPDATE: > Go Directly to the main article if you like:

An emerging market second to none is the world’s aging population.  Often referred to as people who were born between 1946 and 1965 (give or take a year!).   There are literally millions of “Boomers” around the world and as they look forward to spending their hard earned money, smart operators are literally raking it in.

Of course, there has to be value when servicing this group, but if you are a credible, trustworthy and effective service/product provider then don’t leave this group off your radar.  They are cashed up and want to enjoy their aging years.  Whether it’s travel, cars, homes, gadgets, widgets or mountain climbing, there is a boomer to suit every activity.

Many are even trying their hand at internet marketing, spending over 20 hours a week online researching and looking for the next challenge.  You can read more about the stats here…

So, whatever your business is (and even if you are a baby boomer reading this), don’t forget about the largest market in the world and how it might change your future for the better…

Take care and have a great weekend where ever you are!  Good luck to those in United States…  xx